bloggingforme2When I started this part of my journey I was unsure but full of bits of ideas. You know the way. It becomes a bit of a blur thinking of the possibilities that lay before me because of the skill set I have. I’m a designer, a visual person but I am also a chatter box, blabber mouth and an all round know-it-all. In parallel to trying to be a graphic designer on the road I had high hopes of writing a travel blog. After a bit of searching around I found a few that I admired and sought to take some points from how they work and how it can be a living for some people.

To my annoyance it wasn’t as simple as documenting your time away from home. I’m a sketchbook fiend. I write down everything that I can and I scratch and scribble my musings… I was to find out this kind of documenting doesn’t translate into a blog that will make you a passive income at the very least. I found in the beginning, new to the backpacking lark I was high on filling my books with every detail I could muster about where I was, what I’d done and seen. Then the reality of it is, I started living again. I started meeting proper friends, making real memories that touch my heart not just my brain and I stopped writing about the details. I checked in to my “diary” when I was homesick, when I was in love or when I was planning my next move. None of these are things I want to share online.

I’ve thought about it sure: a tell all, but then what would I gain from that? I don’t currently heed much outside advice never mind from a tonne (such an over-exaggeration!) of strangers on the internet. And to add to the kind of judgement I’d rather avoid seems now like madness. The more I was getting into it the more the world of travel blogging started to seem so fake and contrived and I was just thinking hey, I’m washing my pants in a sink so I can put them back on to ride to my hostel on this guys scooter after a wild night. Yes, I’ll see [insert tourist attraction] but I’m also here to live for a while. The long term traveller is a much less polished version of the one who comes away for a month with a different floor length dress to take Instas in and when life does become like this and you are solely on the road I am less inclined to see the point of blogging about it.

So my point of this is I have the grand total of 3 stops in Vietnam to write about for my SE Asia tour and I think that I will stop for a while after that. The world of travel blogging is a hard slog, with many adverts required over your site which I am just not cool with. Paid posts, sponsored content, affiliated links… boak. I am moving towards photography as a means to record my tours, I no longer want to be a travel blogger but I am glad I have these clean cut versions of my travels that the next generation of my family, as well as the current can read and be proud of. They might even comfort me in my golden years as I recall, much like the old granny, Betty in Karen Dunbar’s sketches, the juicy stuff that made those memories so sweet when I was all those years younger. You can read what I’ve written so far and can check out my design and photography work at www.atravellingdesigner.com.

Merci beaucoup for your attention, Kay

P.S I’m going to stick out this stuff as I have a few topics I’d like to see if I can cover but as for travel, I say just pack your bag and go!

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